New Build AV/IT Consultancy

Done Differently

Done Right

Different? How?

Essentially, our comprehensive new build consultancy service combines two traditional roles from the design build process: the consultant who often doesn’t spend much time onsite, and the build crew’s AV/IT role.

Clear Value Added

Our consultancy service provides the best-possible lead on all AV and IT matters at every stage of the build process.  Yet despite the numerous advantages of engaging our team of consultants, this is at no additional total cost.  Because crucially, our comprehensive service is priced around the same total cost of employing experienced onsite build crew.

Yet our complete service more than fills this role, whilst also reducing the burden on the build team.  Furthermore, our fees are more than covered by the savings ensured and value added at every stage of the build process.  The value is clear.

Continuity. Guaranteed.

You’ll be engaging a small company with highly experienced engineers dedicated to your project and available 7 days a week.  We also contractually guarantee to see the project through to completion, mitigating the risk attached to build AV/IT crew leaving before delivery.

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Consultancy without Conflict

Too often the role of consultant is taken up by a party with a conflicting, or potentially conflicting, agenda.  Every aspect of how we are set up and operate avoids any potential conflicts.  We are pure consultants who specify and advise completely impartially, ensuring maximum results and value for the client.  We even ensure every member of our team has no conflicting interests, past or present.

System Design and Specification

After thoroughly identifying the client’s exact needs and expectations, we will create the all-important detailed system specification.  We can also work with, or review, existing third party specifications on behalf of clients.

Tender Process

We will impartially review all aspects of bids for system installations that meet the specification, before making informed recommendations to the client.


Review or creation of all technical commissioning protocols.  Complete factory, harbor and at-sea acceptance testing (FAT, HAT, SAT).

Proper Quality Assurance

Crucially, once the system integrator arrives to begin system installation, we guarantee to also be on site full time every day until final handover. How can a consultancy ensure best possible quality assurance if they’re not actually there?  We also ensure a proper defect management and documentation system from the start.

Departmental Setup

Although the vessel might not be large enough for a full time AV/IT officer, this is still a mini-department and crucial role than someone onboard must fulfill.  During the build process, we fill the AV/IT role but remain permanently working alongside the build team. Let us take care of essential spare parts, tools, procedures, crewing and proper training.

Recruitment Consultancy

We are not a recruitment agency, but we can also do the work to find and ensure the right crew are proposed for employment and adequately trained long before the vessel departure.

Consultancy After Handover

After delivery, we hope to continue our relationship throughout the crucial warranty period, managing outstanding defects and offering ongoing support as necessary.